New Tom Hingley album to buy and or to Stream

You can buy my new acoustic album ‘Hymns For the Hungry’ from my online shop at or stream it from Spotify at this link

The Album is an acoustic accompaniment to the 2018 Tom Hingley Band album ‘I Love My Job’

here’s what some listeners said

‘Tom has never sounded so mature and assured as a song writer’
‘a totally different fish to the electric version of the songs…not to be missed ‘

here is a track listing

1 Black Light
2 Glory Days
3 Toy
4 Bullet
5 Beautiful Girl
6 Beggars Hand
7 Prodigal Son
8 Nasty People
9 White Sheep
10 Shining for Somebody Else

extra track
11 Good Love Turned Bad

The album is a song cycle, the first song is about 2 family members passing , second song is a paean to Hingley’s success time with Inspiral Carpets track 3 is about Lust , track 4 about Criminals, track 5 is dedicated to the Writer’s daughter Mabel, Track 7 is a Glam song with Suicidal hints , track 8 decries Nationalism , track 9 dissects the poverty of modern culture , track 10 I about the state someone might feel when about to take their own life , track 11 is a blues song , a firm favourite at live shows , and never available either on cd or streaming services previously