Anti communist rhetoric comes back to haunt us in the West

The moral superiority of the West over the East was often impressed on me at home, growing up during the Cold War, with a father, a Soviet expert at Saint Anthony’s College. Whilst not part of the secret services, he did rub shoulders with those who were, advising UK and American Governments and ambassadors on Kremlin watching. The moral degeneracy of such Communist power brokers such as Beria and Ceausescu were often related to me by my father as evidence of our superiority , but now in the drip, drip, drip of internet revelations it’s becoming clear that the West merely mirrored the sickness of the East with its own hidden worry list of powerful men who carried on regardless of such ‘perfunctory’ issues such as the age of consent,  law of the land or common human decency. Jimmy Saville and  politicians,  judiciary and all areas of the establishment used power to rape, attack, murder and cover their tracks. The West needs to realise that we too had our Berias and Ceausescu  in both light entertainment, and cabinet office, . Confronting these ugly truths means us recognising  the spectre of what we surrendered to our power elite to promote and  protect our false sense of superiority over  the East , that  those who rule over pissed over our rights,covered their tracks and continue to do so