‘talent is everlasting’ apparently for the reviewer of the Nottingham Foreman’s Tom Hingley gig from www.nottinghamlive.co.uk

I should start this article with a confession that I am rapidly approaching my 5th decade on this planet. This left me in the position to remember that I have been part of the Madchester scene at my ‘alleged’ prime, more so than the usual punk rock acts that more regularly play Foremans. I was guilty of baggy fashions (who can forget the legendary ‘Cool As….’ Cow T-Shirt?) and bad haircuts. The music of the Inspiral Carpets is as much a part of my make up as the tattoos and equally bad haircut I sport today. Having said that I didn’t really know what to expect from Tom Hingley, the former vocalist of the Carpets; what I got was some of the best guitar playing and vocals I have heard live and certainly at Foremans.

As with most musicians, since splitting from the Carpets, Tom has branched out musically and vocally. Through his show, we were presented with a much more bluesy sound that his improved timbre of vocal suited entirely. His guitar work was the best I have seen at Foremans gigs, making his single guitar sing like a full band. We even had the treat of some traditional slide blues. His vocal range was impeccable and note perfect throughout the night. Yes we got the big Carpets Songs, and yes he concluded with ‘This is How it Feels’ but there was so much more to Tom than the classics. A new track called ‘Glory Days’ proved a poignant look back at what had been and what will be missed and was a stand out from The Tom Hingley Band’s forthcoming EP ‘No Peace For The Good Looking’ that will be released next year. Unsurprisingly, maybe, this spoke to me as we watched such a mature and accomplished performance from what was once the pudding bowl tousled frontman of my youth. Time may pass but talent is everlasting and Tom Hingley, surprisingly maybe to the uninitiated, has it in spades.

For more on Tom Hingley visit http://www.tomhingleymusic.bigcartel.com/

Written by RedDom