new gigs, beer and aggro !!!

Theres a load going on in the Tom Hingley world right now. I’ve launched a Beer, humorously titled Tom Hingley’s Bitter. I tour constantly, both solo and with a new band called imaginatively the Tom Hingley Band and we are recording a debut EP in Blueprint Studios for release in the New Year called ‘No Peace for the Good Looking ‘, it’s not shite i promise. Expect big guitars, big vocals, drums, bass and verses & choruses that sing !!! I do a radio show every Monday night on and I also look after my daughter Mabel who is 19 months old and loves Marmite !!!. Controversial comment of the week: I got bollocked last week for daring to talk about a song that I wrote the words and music for which is quite perverse, but welcome to my world ┬ábecause once you’ve entered it, in some small way you will never leave it – you have been warned. ┬áTom xxx